Clinical Trials are Part of our Leading-Edge Cancer Care

Research1-minEssex Oncology physicians are involved in many emerging cancer therapies, and we offer our patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials when appropriate. Clinical trials are the best way for our doctors to learn about safer, more effective treatments for various types of cancer. In fact, clinical trials are the foundation for new breakthroughs in cancer care.

What is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are research studies that use patient volunteers to help find different ways to treat diseases such as cancer. Each study is designed to answer specific questions and help find potentially better ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat cancer. Essex Oncology participates in many clinical trials to stay informed about innovative new cancer treatments.

What Happens During a Clinical Trial?

If you choose to participate in a clinical trial, you will receive care that is very similar to the care you would typically receive. The main difference is that you may be monitored more frequently so that those conducting the study can learn about and document the benefits and side effects of the therapy being studied.

2015-07-08-08.35.12-minSome clinical trials study a newly developed treatment regimen, while others compare a new treatment regimen to a standard treatment. When this occurs, patients are randomly assigned to receive one type of treatment or the other. Neither you nor your doctor can choose.

Some people don’t like not knowing which drug they are receiving, and others fear that they will receive a placebo, or “sugar pill.” You should know that clinical trials never use a placebo instead of a treatment that has been shown to work. If a placebo is going to be considered, you will always be told before the start of the study.

The decision to take part in a clinical trial is very personal, and you will want to discuss this option with your doctor as well as your family. The Essex Oncology team is always available to answer questions about any aspect of your care, including the opportunity to be part of a clinical trial. To find out more about the clinical trials we are currently participating in, ask your doctor.

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