Hormone Therapy Provided by Experienced Cancer Specialists

shutterstock_115756132Essex Oncology physicians have a wealth of expertise in hormone therapy. This type of cancer treatment is very manageable because medications are taken orally instead of being administered by IV in the office or at a hospital. You take the medication(s) as directed by your doctor, and come in for regular office visits so your doctor can monitor your progress and help you manage any side effects or other issues.

About Hormone Therapy

Some types of cancer cells (such as breast and prostate) have too many hormone receptors on their surface. Hormones that naturally occur in the body can attach to these receptors and cause the cells to grow. Hormone therapy keeps these cancer cells from getting and using the hormones they need to grow.

With hormone therapy, synthetic hormones and/or other drugs are given to block the body’s natural hormones. In some cases, surgery may be needed to remove a gland that is producing the hormone that is helping the cancer grow.

Side effects of hormone therapy depend on the type of treatment you receive. The Essex Oncology team will guide you in managing any side effects you may experience.

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